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It usually happens that the most contraceptive methods used between stable couples are the contraceptive pill, the vaginal ring or the IUD, all of them for women, but the German Clemens Bimek has just invented a contraceptive method as effective as the ones mentioned. With this device we will make men use the contraceptives (because of its easy and comfortable functioning) as well as not making it always a women’s responsability.

The Bimek SLV is an implanted valve in the penis by surgery, in a way that it does not let the sperm pass outside when it is activated. It works like vasectomy but in this case we can become fertile again with only deactivate the Bimek SLV by a switch that it incorporates and that is put in our body (vasectomy is an irreversible operation that leaves the male completely infertile).

You can have sexual intercourse
 after having implanted the valve within a week, but you have to be wearing condom for another 6 months because along this time you are still fertile (maybe some sperm can be out of the testes before the Bimek SLV’s activation.

‘We are used to think that most times the valve is closed and that it will only be opened to have a child, but there are no limits of clicks, it can take a lifetime.’ confirmed his inventor.

 There has been found just two disadvantages so far: the first one is that it could produce scars which means the device’s stirring; the second and maybe the most important one is that if the tube is not released regulary it could be clogged up and the patient would have to go into surgery again.

At present the Bimek SLV is in at a starting period and it will not be available until 2018, date in which its first outing will cost 5.200€ (a compound price of implant and surgery).
Rafael García.
Domingo Cabrera.

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