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Prostate cancer is one of the most common cancers suffered by men. There already are some treatments to cure it, such as surgery, External Beam Radiotherapy (EBRT), hormonal therapy or cryosurgery. But these ones involve some side-effect such as impotence (90%), urinal incontinence (35%) and rectal fistulas (just at cryosurgery).
Brachytherapy is a new treatment which consists of the implantation of some Iodin-125 seeds (picture 1) in the prostate (picture 2). I-125 is a radioactive isotope that provides the radiation required to kill cancer cells.
This therapy does not need a surgical incision because I-125 seeds are smaller than a rice grain, so they can be easily injected with a needle. The highs of this treatment are the big decrease of the side-effects. This is because of the reduction of the healthy tissues affected by radiation. Impotence occurs in less than 5 % of patients and incontinence in less than 1 %.
At the beginning of the use of Brachytherapy for the cure of tumors, many problems came up. Doctors used to handle other isotopes much more dangerous and with a longer nuclear life than the I-125. But thanks to the development of the nuclear centers, physicists found out the new isotope: the Iodine-125.
Brachytherapy is not used just for the prostate cancer. It has been used for many cancer cases since its discovery in 1896. As time has passed by, the treatment has been improved and now it does not represent any risk for either the patient or the doctors who use the radiation.
To conclude with, I would like to say that this is an example of how scientific research can improve our lives in spite of the risks in the beginning. These facts make incomprehensible that many people think that science shouldn’t go too far in their research.
Gabriel Jurado

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Esta noticia está algo relacionada con la de Agustín y como dije en el anteror comentario, creo que son unos avances super importantes para nuestro futuro porque son soluciones a enfermedades no muy lejos de la vida cotidiana. Pienso que estas son las cosas en las que verdaderamente se debe gastar el dinero para sus investigaciones y espero que la medicina siga avanzando de la misma manera y nos siga sorprendiendo tan gratamente!!! bESiiiToos(K)
Enhorabuena a Gaaabilán por esta noticia taaan inglesa.. :D

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